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We Specialize in Brand Development,

designing the CLOTHES collection

Outdoor, Active & Technical garments... It is our FRAME!

Passionate by the clothes & outdoor sports, we are involved in each project until their launch on the market.

We are there to design products and try to make best sellers.

Stephane Coubard

Senior Designer 

  Clothes are looking at climate change, a phenomenon that is currently at the heart of major debates, which is causing a number of upheavals on earth. Lifestyles are changing, the design of our clothing must reinvent itself.

Innovation seems being the key point!


  Every field needs a specialist. That's why, I am surrounded by great Designers and we stay aware of innovation to meet the request of each brand.

stephane coubard

Selected Clients

- Rossignol

- Millet

- Go sport

- Portwest

- W+R


- Peugeot

- Solidur

- Somlys

- Lenz


- Lafuma

- Mulliez Flory

- Bering

- Melvita

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